Jacksonville Adventist Academy
Welcome to the Principal's Page


I hope you enjoy our JAA Web Site. Look around on the web here to see what else you can find. I'm sure you'll be surprised at the creativity of some and become inspired yourself to do something similar. That's the fun of learning something like this! You can share your ideas with others. 

You might also want to bookmark this page for future reference. We update the events, news and calendar on a regular basis. Just like the real-life school, we are constantly striving to make this virtual JAA better and better. You'll find lots of useful information, pictures from around campus, and a little bit about us in here.

So, click around, visit our classrooms, see our campus, ask us some questions, or just enjoy the sound of the music playing in the background. Again, thanks for visiting here and I wish you well as you cruise on our part of the Information Super highway! Thank you for your support.  



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