Dear Parents, Students, Supporters & Friends,

I wish to extend special thanks to all of you that contributed to a very productive November.  Our school accreditation was tremendously successful, literacy celebration was fun and exciting, and our Thanksgiving luncheon was absolutely scrumptious. 
As we enter the last month of the calendar year, it is impossible not to encounter the familiar jingle of Salvation Army donation bells, the fresh smell of pine boughs, and the endless Christmas hymns played in stores, on radio and television shows—most of which claim no religious affiliation.  The holiday season is upon us and while there is tremendous variation in how we celebrate, why we celebrate and even if we celebrate, no one can ignore the major impact this festive season has on our world. 
In case you are wondering why our school celebrates Christmas, it is because of the unique opportunity we have to share Jesus with a society that will actually be receptive to hearing about our faith.  Regardless of the holiday's origin, historical, and commercial significance, what better excuse to join in the fun of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  
We encourage you to invite as many friends, acquaintances and family members to our December 14th presentation of "Christmas Gifts." Our school will be giving Jesus the best of the gifts and talents he has given to us and we would be honored by your presence. A special offering will be taken to benefit Redwood Adventist Academy.  Can't wait to see you there!  God bless and happy holidays.


God Bless,


Principal Williams